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Koyal Info Group Mag: Scientific findings on Climate



LETTER: Scientific findings on climate are real, not optional


The letter by James Policelli (“America is heading down dangerous path,” Jan. 22) is proof that the far right lunatic fringe disavows science.


On the next page of that day’s paper was a statement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that 2013 was the fourth warmest year on record. Policelli would likely claim that NOAA is a puppet of the Obama administration and has broadcast false information to further a socialist agenda. (What!)


Let’s look at some indisputable facts. A comparison of NASA space shots of polar ice caps clearly indicates they are shrinking. Ocean levels have been measured to be rising. (Where do you think the melting polar ice caps go?)


As a scientist, I have never been amused by junk science or those who espouse it. As one who helped develop some of the spectroscopic fingerprints used to monitor ozone-destroying man-made molecules in the upper atmosphere, I find the climate change denials of the far right lunatic fringe to be extremely offensive and exceptionally dangerous.


Fortunately, Policelli is not a scientist and his opinion, no matter how far from factual, is certainly in the minority. However, the average person reading his opinion likely has no clue. If we continue to ignore facts and disavow science, we will indeed be heading down a dangerous path.


At least his letter title was appropriate. Ignore the rest of his letter. Wake up. Here is a tip from a scientist: Reality is not optional.

Source: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/01/letter_scientific_findings_on.html